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Regional Health Statistics

The Regions of Counties Manukau and Northland (Te Tai Tokerau) Health Statistics

Counties Manukau and Northland are some of the most ethnic and socially diverse communities in New Zealand. They are overrepresented in metabolic disease and obesity and suffer from significant economic deprivation.  This results in a large number of the population having comorbidities that impact both life expectancy and quality of life. This combined with poor access to novel NCEs means that clinical trials are vital to improve health inequity.

Table 1: Characteristics of the Regions of Counties Manukau and Northland
  1. Predominant Māori & Pacific (Polynesian) population
  2. Low decile
  3. Single secondary care referral centre in both districts
  4. Large immigrant population (Asian & South Asian) in Counties Manukau
  5. High prevalence of diabetes
  6. High prevalence of obesity and morbid obesity particularly in the Pacific Community
  7. High prevalence of MASH
  8. High prevalence of diabetic kidney disease that is over-represented in the dialysis population
  9. High prevalence of chronic HBV