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Mar 08, 2022

Welcome to the March Edition of #TALK.Research 


The requests for Middlemore Clinical Trials to be involved in clinical trials has never been greater. Across all therapeutic areas there are partners wishing to have the hospital involved in clinical trials trialling novel products. Access to such trials can help address some of the health inequity that exists in our community. The number of investigator initiated and collaborative group trials also is increasing with hospital researchers in many departments successful in recent funder rounds.
The Renal department has some excellent researchers and a huge number of patients requiring access to improved therapies. One of the ways this can happen is through clinical trials that the department is involved in and will be throughout the year.
With your support we look forward to a continued busy year here at MMCT.
Maa te waa,
Dr Edward Watson

What's in this issue:
  • Featured Department - Renal
  • Recent Publications by CMH Investigators
  • MMCT is now on Twitter
  • Meet the Team - Sharon Cheung (Business Associate)
  • Trials Starting at MMCT and Trial Statistics
  • Clinical Trial Referral App available to download

Featured Department - Renal

March is Kidney Health month, which is an opportunity to highlight the great work the Renal department does for the Counties Manukau catchment. Counties Manukau Health (CMH) Renal service is the largest Renal department in New Zealand due to the highest prevalence of patients requiring dialysis, at 4% in 2020. Maaori and Pasifika patients make up 80% of our patients. Currently we have 700 dialysis patients, 230 of whom do their dialysis at home. In our dialysis population, diabetic kidney disease is the most common cause of end stage kidney disease (ESKD) accounting for 2/3 of the patients.

The CMH Renal department provides a wide range of both in-patient and out-patient services for acute and chronic presentations, for all fields of Nephrology including:  dialysis, renal transplantation, chronic kidney disease, hypertension, supportive care and procedures. We have a particular focus amongst our whole team on home based dialysis and renal transplantation.
The team of physicians are also engaged in both commercial and grant-funded clinical research. This allows the team to bring novel treatments and observational studies to the CMH population.

The Renal department is led by Dr Jamie Kendrick-Jones - Head of Department, with Dr Joanna Dunlop as Deputy Head of Department (2IC). There are three physicians who are currently leading clinical trials as Principal investigators: Dr Hari Talreja, Dr Kalpa Jayanatha and Dr Jamie Kendrick-Jones. All the other Renal physicians have an active interest and expertise in research and support as sub-investigators in these trials and many have lead trials in the past, in particular Dr Mark Marshall, Dr Chris Hood and Dr David Voss.
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Recent Publications by CMH Investigators

Gelbart B, McSharry B, Delzoppo C, Erickson S, Lee K, Butt W, Rea M, Wang X, Beca J, Kazemi A, Shann F. Pragmatic Randomized Trial of Corticosteroids and Inhaled Epinephrine for Bronchiolitis in Children in Intensive Care. J Pediatr. 2022 Jan 31:S0022-3476(22)00057-9. doi: 10.1016/j.jpeds.2022.01.031. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 35093318.

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Meet the Team Sharon Cheung (Business Associate)
Sharon has a Master of Science degree, majoring in physiology. She has a background in academic research with interests in fetal physiology and preeclampsia. She is looking forward to gaining industry experience and working with CMH investigators to bring exciting trials to Middlemore.

Sharon's role at MMCT is highly varied, she assists Kate Msiska (Business Manager) with budget and contract negotiations for new clinical trials and she manages the social media marketing for the unit. She is also involved in developing recruitment plans for trials.

Trials starting at MMCT 

List of upcoming trials that are planned to start recruiting in the next three months:
To learn more about the trials we are performing at Middlemore Hospital, please visit our website and see what trials in what disease areas we are currently working on.
Together through research we can improve the lives of many of the patients in Counties Manukau.
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MMCT Contacts
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Feasibilities Kate Msiska
Trial Contracts Kate Msiska
Finance Emani Setefano  
Investigator Initiated (Grant Funded) Trials Dr Nicola Jackson
Regulatory/Ethics Catherine Howie
For support when a clinically significant event occurs with a trial Dr John Baker
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