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NPSIMS™ Device Trial Update

Nov 10, 2021

NPSIMSTM Device Trial Update

The Aatru Medical (LLC) NPSIMSTM Negative Pressure Surgical Incision Management System is a device designed to help reduce the rate of wound infection and seroma (build-up of fluid at surgical site). We are proud to have coordinated this first-in-human-open label clinical study with Principal Investigator Mr Jon Mathy in Plastic surgery and Mr Alpesh Patel in Spinal surgery.

The NPSIMSTM uses novel chemical reactions to apply negative pressure to closed incisions, and the interim analysis of the first five participants have showed promising results with no adverse events experienced by the participants. Mr Jon Mathy praises the device “These devices were easy to use and totally silent in operation. This new system has an innovative adhesive silicone gasket which facilitates seal, including around joints.”

We look forward to the completion of this trial and are excited about this novel technology that will hopefully prevent post-surgical infections.

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