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At MMCT we understand that a priority for Principal Investigators is improving the quality of life of patients, and their families, through clinical research.


Why you should talk to us

Together we pursue better outcomes, results, knowledge and therapies that make a real difference. MMCT helps you achieve your objectives smoothly, efficiently and with the necessary funding.

MMCT's capabilities and resources will greatly assist you to run seamless clinical trials within the Counties Manukau environment.

Patient Welfare

Evidence suggests that patients do better when they participate in a clinical trial than when they receive standard care. While some of this may relate to the so called ‘Hawthorne’ or ‘observer effect’, protocol driven health care delivery – a hallmark of clinical trials – will no doubt also be a major contributor.


MMCT’s dedicated staff will manage all budget negotiations with sponsors on your behalf to make sure you get fair market value for your studies. The team here will also help you secure funding for investigator initiated and collaborative group funded studies.

Departments that work with MMCT also have their own dedicated departmental research funds which can be applied towards investigator initiated and grant funded research.

Approvals at departmental and hospital level

All locality assessments and requirements for the study to be performed in the district health board are also managed by MMCT staff.

Trial planning, set up and management

Many feasibilities come through to MMCT for potential studies, and for each the MMCT Clinical Director will consult on all protocols with the potential investigators in the relevant department.

MMCT then assigns dedicated staff to help set up the trial, establish locality and regulatory approval and identify the best methods of recruitment.

The setting up of trial KPIs

All clinical trials at MMCT have related KPI metrics that are tracked and monitored to stay on course in terms of time and recruitment targets for the studies. These are tracked and discussed with the PI's involved.

Compliance /ethics

A regulatory specialist handles all aspects of IEC applications and locality assessment.

Recruiting of qualified participants

While recruitment to a clinical trial is the primary responsibility of the Principal Investigator, MMCT has multiple ways to make this process easier for you:

  • Access to patient databases (including MMCTs own database)
  • Social media and advertising campaigns
  • Extensive experience in recruiting



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Aotearoa Clinical Trials is a fully integrated research unit based at Middlemore Hospital in the heart of South Auckland, New Zealand.

We perform biopharma and medical device clinical trials in partnership with all hospital departments focusing on the diseases and long term health conditions that affect our diverse community.



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