Why Participate

Help Future Generations. The medicines that you and your family use today were developed from people participating in clinical trials. Help develop the medicines for future generations.

Why you should participate

Participating in a clinical trial could offer you access to cutting-edge medicines and therapies that will not only improve your knowledge and understanding of your conditions but might actually make a tangible difference to your condition. Ask your doctor for more information.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Free regular health monitoring
  • Access to top clinicians
  • Potential to receive new therapies
  • Care options that are often not available elsewhere
  • Research clinicians are thought to be 5 years ahead of non-research clinicians
  • Clinical trial care can deliver better health outcomes over standard care

Free regular monitoring

Participants in a clinical trial are closely monitored at no cost by a team of clinicians to protect your safety, improve treatment outcomes and assure data integrity. This offers the benefit of a deeper level of involvement in your own treatment which itself may give you improved health outcomes.

Free access to top clinicians

Clinicians conducting clinical trials are the leading experts in their field. Just by participating in a clinical trial the participant gains free access at no cost to the best doctors.

Potential to receive new therapies

People who participate in a clinical trial gain access to the very latest innovative new medicines and clinical devices, sometimes years before they become available to the general public. When you hear about a remarkable new drug, you'll find that it was in fact introduced to patients years earlier.

Help develop new medicines and therapies.

The medicines of tomorrow will be developed with the help of people like you who, like us, care deeply that the medical conditions of today do not need to be the same for our children. Just as the medicines you take were developed by people who took part in previous clinical trials so you too can help future generations.


Clinical trial care often delivers better health outcomes. 

Clinical Trials have been shown in published medical studies to deliver superior health outcomes over standard care. While there are many reasons for this the main ones appear to be:

  • focus on the rigourously documented outcome for each participant
  • that the participant developes a greater knoweledge of their own disease
  • physicians involved in research appear to practice medicine in advance of their colleagues
  • more time is availble for staff to get to know you snd what affects you personally.

Visit our Recruiting Trial to see if you qualify for any of our clinical trials.

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Aotearoa Clinical Trials is a fully integrated research unit based at Middlemore Hospital in the heart of South Auckland, New Zealand.

We perform biopharma and medical device clinical trials in partnership with all hospital departments focusing on the diseases and long term health conditions that affect our diverse community.



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