MMCT has a team of dedicated staff working on clinical trials, including coordination, regulatory and ethics, nursing, finance and support services.


As a leader in clinical research, MMCT has well established procedures, strengths, & KPIs for meeting and exceeding the requirements of international research operations.

Trial planning, set up and management

Upon receiving a feasibility for a trial, the MMCT set-up team will assess the level of interest from partner departments and whether there are any competing trials within 48 hours. The next step is to secure commitments from an interested principal investigator and the hospital department that will partner in the trial.

The setting of KPIs

MMCT has clear metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) related to the processes of performing a clinical trial. These are designed to be in alignment with industry partners to ensure expectations are met.


MMCT facilitates locality and ethics approvals, including a review by Māori (representatives of the local indigenous community).

Recruiting Investigators to run trials

As part of a large service-based hospital, MMCT’s senior medical staff naturally have many commitments. MMCT works with senior staff to support them and their departments so that they are available to effectively perform their clinical oversight duties on clinical trials. All Principal Investigators are GCP trained and respected leaders in their therapeutic fields. Also available are a number of Research Fellows who act as co-PIs to assist in ensuring MMCT meets the trial time requirements of the trial schedule.

Reporting systems

MMCT ensures that all clinical trials have documented reporting processes. Using a sophisticated trial management system, MMCT tracks all events and makes sure that safety and data reports are produced in line with trial requirements. This is also true for grant trials, where provision is made for independent monitoring of the trial and, where appropriate, independent data safety monitoring.

Supply of clean data

Research Nurses at MMCT make the process of transcription from source documents to sponsors’ Electronic Data Capture system (EDC) clear, transparent and accurate.


MMCT Capability Booklet

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About Us


Aotearoa Clinical Trials is a fully integrated research unit based at Middlemore Hospital in the heart of South Auckland, New Zealand.

We perform biopharma and medical device clinical trials in partnership with all hospital departments focusing on the diseases and long term health conditions that affect our diverse community.



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