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Middlemore Clinical Trials (MMCT) is one of the country’s largest clinical trials sites offering sponsors a world class fully integrated research unit.

About Middlemore Clinical Trials (MMCT)

A modern multi-disciplinary site staffed with experienced research nurses and administrators, MMCT has an onsite pharmacy and lab with processing facilities. Since inception in 2001 MMCT has established a strong track record of success when it comes to patient recruitment and trial completions.

In 2018 MMCT had over 500 participants go through its clinical trials (Phases I through IV), and worked with more than 22 different hospital departments through its principal investigators. With thousands of participants seen since inception, MMCT is an experienced and respected clinical trial resource.

MMCT partners in commercial clinical trials with biopharmaceutical and medical device companies from across the world. It also administers Investigator Initiated clinical trials and major grant-funded research studies on behalf of Middlemore Hospital.

MMCT is a charitable not-for-profit organisation that spends any cash reserves on research within the hospital, assisting with research and contributing to better health prospects and outcomes for the local population.

About our community

Counties Manukau Health is the distinct health board covering South Auckland. We have am ethnically and socially diverse community that unfortunately suffers from many health related issues.

Ethnicity graphic

One of the areas of concern is metabolic health where our community suffers more than anywhere else in the country from metabolic illnesses. Recent data outlines the extent of the problem for our community.

2021 Community Health Report - Diabetes Snapshot August 2021

Together with our sponsors we are looking to improve clinical outcomes through clinical trials.

About our location

MMCT is located on the site of one of New Zealand’s largest hospitals in the ethnically and socially diverse South Auckland region of Counties Manukau. As such it is able to provide additional treatment pathways for patients accessing care through Middlemore Hospital. The hospital itself is an advanced tertiary hospital with medical and surgical facilities and the capability to treat most medical conditions. 


  • The Auckland Spinal Rehabilitation Unit
  • The National Burns Centre. 
  • Paediatric Hospital (Kidz First)
  • Accident and emergency department and fully integrated ICU
  • Advanced cardiac care unit.

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About Us


Aotearoa Clinical Trials is a fully integrated research unit based at Middlemore Hospital in the heart of South Auckland, New Zealand.

We perform biopharma and medical device clinical trials in partnership with all hospital departments focusing on the diseases and long term health conditions that affect our diverse community.



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