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Middlemore Clinical Trials (MMCT) is one of the country’s largest clinical trials site offering participation in world class research to patients in Counties Manukau

About Middlemore Clinical Trials (MMCT)

Since 2001 Middlemore Clinical Trials has helped patients in the greater Manukau area access world class doctors, innovative medicines and the latest medical devices not currently available to the general population in New Zealand. Conveniently located in the grounds of Middlemore Hospital, MMCT is an experienced and respected clinical trial facility. 

About our Location

MMCT is located on the site of one of New Zealand’s largest hospitals in the ethnically and socially diverse South Auckland region of Counties Manukau. As such it is able to provide additional treatment pathways for patients accessing care through Middlemore Hospital.

Key points for participants

  • MMCT is located at Middlemore Hospital
  • All our clinical trials have been approved by Independent Ethics Committees
  • 100% of participants say that they would either enroll in another clinical trial or advise their family members to do so.
  • As a participant you will develop significant knowledge into your own illness or disease when involved in trials.
  • Transport to and from the hospital appointments is paid for.
  • Being involved is easy- see our Recruiting Trial page to find a trial that you can be involved in. 


Visit our Recruiting Trial to see if you qualify for any of our clinical trials.

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About Us


Aotearoa Clinical Trials is a fully integrated research unit based at Middlemore Hospital in the heart of South Auckland, New Zealand.

We perform biopharma and medical device clinical trials in partnership with all hospital departments focusing on the diseases and long term health conditions that affect our diverse community.



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